Gary Morin

My wife and I have been customers at Gold In Art Jewelers for the past 11 years. Our first visit was shortly after returning from a trip to Alaska where we became engaged and purchased the engagement ring. We brought the ring to Gold In Art to discuss how it could be used as centerpiece for designing her wedding band. The service, creativity, craftsmanship, and quality were, and continue to be, beyond excellence. Although we are not often in the market for purchasing jewelry over the past 11 years we have made a few purchases and would NEVER go anywhere other than to Gold In Art. There are too many reasons to write in one review but I want to highlight the ones that are of most importance to us. First, ever since our initial vist they have made us feel like family – we are proud to tell friends and family that Gold In Art is “Our” jewelers. Secondly, we have complete trust in the quality of their jewelry, their work, and their information. We know, without question, that the price quoted is always reasonable for the quality of what we are purchasing – that confidence is “worth its weight in gold”. Finally, they take personal interest in learning about us, what we like, and make suggestions tailored to our personal tastes and NEVER try to guide or pressure in any way. We would never hesitate to recommend