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Gold In Art is Open

We follow the CDC & OSHA recommendations to keep us all safe. See the video below for more information.

Call or Text : 352-383-0047

Call or Text : 352-259-0385

Working to Keep You Safe

Gold In Art is working to keep all of us safe by sterilizing your jewelry, etc. before we touch it and then again before you touch it.

One of the safety precautions at our stores are these boxes containing UV lights. Upon your arrival, we will ask you to place any items you would like us to touch into these boxes which will sterilize your jewelry. When we complete our work, your jewelry and any item you touched while browsing, (including pens) will be placed back into the UV light box to sterilize before they are returned to you.

Now you don’t have to worry about our germs and we don’t have to worry about your germs! We can all feel safe and enjoy shopping.

Gold… In Art

Gold in Art Jewelers is unique. We feature an award winning, in house design team, “state of the art” repair center and on site manufacturing.

Richie talks to you about what we have, what we do… and what that all means for you!

Why Us?

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Jewelry you won’t see anywhere else. Simple as that. We start with rocks that rock and use a paintbrush of gold. You can even bring in your old jewelry and give Picasso a challenge.  :)

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See what’s new, I mean, we just got it. We keep only our 12 newest pieces up here. If you’re looking for something you saw yesterday, but now it’s gone, just find the appropriate category and sort by “newest”

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Click here to find jewelry that’s 50% off. (I know what you’re thinkin’…fifty percent off of what?) That’s just it, there’s no BS. We didn’t “mark it up to mark it down”. We just cut the price in half. You’re welcome.

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