Our Free Warranties


Gold In Art Jewelry

Other stores sell you jewelry and then try to sell you a warranty…WHAT??? Isn’t the jewelry good enough for them to stand behind it?

At Gold In Art Jewelers we don’t make you buy a warranty, and we don’t make you sign a contract that says you’ll come in every 6 months to have it checked. If we custom make it for you, we stand behind it for 2 or 5 years*…no questions asked. If you buy it directly out of our showcase (or from our website), same thing…2 or 5 years.

*Colored stone jewelry is warrantied for 2 years. Diamond jewelry is warrantied for 5. This is because, unless it is a diamond, it can be more easily scuffed, scratched or damaged by everyday wear.


We believe that your jewelry should spend more time on your body than it does in the shop. That’s why we use only the best materials and the latest tools when doing repairs….and why we warranty them for 2 years. We also take a digital photo of your jewelry to document exactly which prong, bracelet link, etc… needs to be repaired. You will never see a mark or discoloration where a ring has been sized and we can promise you that your jewelry will not break in the same place twice. (If it does, even after 23 months and 29 days, it’s free.)

Catalog Orders

If we don’t normally stock it, we don’t know how it will stand up to everyday normal wear. For this reason, we can only guarantee catalog purchases for 6 months.