Cat Necklace

Cat Necklace


Playful Cat Necklace in Sterling Silver from Michou’s “Magical Menagerie” Collection.


Playful Cat Necklace in Sterling Silver from Michou’s “Magical Menagerie” Collection.   The sterling silver cat is playing with a blue topaz, 22 karat yellow gold vermeil butterfly.  The silver is plated with anti-tarnish material.  One Year Warranty.  Matches 193014.

The yellow is vermeil (pronounced ver-may) or washed in gold.  Vermeil is material that is composed of a thick layer of gold over solid sterling silver. While industry standards dictate that the gold portion must be 10 karats or above and 2 microns thick for a piece to be considered vermeil in the U.S., Michou uses 22 karat gold that is 3 or more microns thick.

Let your wild side shine with the Magical Menagerie Collection frorm Michou.

Featuring untamed wild horses, elegant swans, whimiscal dogs and cats and a variety of other creatures, the Magical Menagerie joins the other popular themed collections by Michou.  The unique designs feature delicate sterling silver granulation, intircate filigree and evocative shapes combined with gemstones and 22K gold vermeil.

Michele has a deep bond with animals and nature and it is manifested in the beautiful designs of the Magical Menagerie Collection.