So, you’re thinking of making it official. Congratulations! Whether the two of you have discussed marriage or you’ve yet to pop the question, there are many ways to symbolize the love you share. We’ll help you explore your options and find the rings that suit you best.

3/4 carat diamond ring in classic tiffany mounting.Diamond Engagement Rings (Solitaire)

This Diamond Solitaire is a classic choice. At Gold In Art a nice quarter carat diamond ring starts around $849. Half carats start at $1,549; three quarter carats start at $2,549 and one carats start at $3,849…and we’re talking about sizzling white diamonds. Diamonds whose flaws are invisible to the naked eye, in mountings that will last 50 years.

Diamond Engagement Rings (not Solitaire)

The most popular choices feature one larger diamond with one smaller diamond on either side past present future ring(symbolic of your Past, Present and Future together), or one large diamond surrounded by many smaller ones to create a Halo effect. halo engagement ring

Of course, since we make jewelry here, you can design whatever your heart desires and we’ll make it…even if it’s ugly.   :)

Comfort Fit Band in 14 Karat Yellow & White GoldWedding Bands

The wedding band is a symbol of love and a promise of a lifetime. Some couples feel it is important for his and hers to match, and some don’t. Those who don’t usually choose a diamond anniversary banddiamond anniversary band as their wedding band.